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Missionaries from all around the world: “Everything has changed but we stay where we are”


Missionaries from all around the world made a video in which they declare, in spite of the difficulties of coronavirus, they continue their work, and will not leave anyone alone.

Preparing for the international day of missionaries that will take place on the 18th of October, the missionaries of the Spanish Obras Misionales Pontificias (OMP) shared a video on YouTube in which they promise that despite the present COVID-19 situation, they continue their missionary work, and will not leave their mission.

“Sometime earlier, who could have imagined that we wouldn’t hold the hand of each other, kiss or hug each other. Or that we have to stop meeting the people that we love. The world has changed, and everything seems to be uncertain”, a missionary says in the video.

“The places are closed; jobs and lives have changed. Nobody knows if anything will ever be like before. But one thing is sure, that we stay where we are. We won’t go away, we will never surrender”, says another

“Do you think it is impossible?”, asks another missionary. “We have already met many challenges. And we have learnt in the mission that nothing is impossible for God.”

In addition, the missionaries highlight that “to have a mission means to love. And with love everything is possible. That is why we are here. We will be here for every person, for every woman and child. We will be staying here for you and you can stay for us.”

Although the video was made by OMP, some local Church members participated in its creation, such as Cardinal Charles Maung Bo, Archbishop from Myanmar, or Kike Figaredo, Apostolic Prefect of Cambodia. 

Besides them, there are missionaries from many different countries in the video, speaking in their own languages. If you want to watch the video, click here.

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