Tag: child abuse

Wife of pastor who killed himself is praying for those he hurt

Wife of a New Hampshire youth pastor, who died by suicide following allegations of child sexual abuse, is praying for the victims

Muslim men sexually assaulted two Christian children in Pakistan

According to local sources in Pakistan, two Christian children were recently sexually assaulted by Muslim men.

American Senator asks for a Netflix movie to be investigated

In the movie, girls perform dances simulating sexual conduct, including at least one scene with partial child nudity.

A political party promoting paedophilia has been reactivated in the Netherlands

The petition circulating on the internet for the ban of the PNVD gathered merely 560.000 signatures so far.

Christian employee beaten for asking to go to church in Pakistan

The young man was beaten by his Muslim employer for he wanted to take a day off and go to church.

Norwegian Barnevernet continues to undermine families

There are currently over twenty cases against Norway pending before the European Court of Human Rights.

A dangerous "sex guide" for children in Texas

A Texas school board has voted to implement a sex education curriculum that will teach children to how to enjoy anal sex.

Gender transition poses ‘serious and irreversible damage’ to kids

Prominent UK psychiatrist: Debate is “shut down” about practices like that