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Christian employee beaten for asking to go to church in Pakistan

Shan Masih, an 18-year-old young man asked his employer if he can go to visit the Sunday prayer service for which he was beaten and "tortured".


Shan’s account happened on 8 March in Punjab Province where the young man is currently working in his recently deceased father’s position for a local landlord.

According to local sources, the employer used an iron rod and stick to beat Shan for asking to go to church, International Christian Concern reported.

“Shan Masih was tortured by the landlord when he asked for leave to attend a prayer service last Sunday,” Pastor Sarfraz, a local pastor, told ICC.

“Shan regularly attended Sunday prayer services, however, since his father’s death and taking his father’s position working for the landlord, he has not had a chance to go to church”, he added. 

The pastor also said that Shan has not been payed by his landlord for the last three months.

According to witnesses of the beating, the landlord wanted to “teach a lesson” to Shan while abusing him severly. Thanks to locals, Shan suffered much less injuries than he would have if some of the witnesses don’t intervene. 

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