Tag: anti-Christian violence

Feminist protesters target Mexico City cathedral once again

Around 80,000 people participated in the march according to the authorities.

Pastor left in critical condition following attack by radicals in India

Pastor Palouse sustained a severe head injury, a broken elbow, several broken ribs, and a broken hand.

Indian Evangelist’s family beaten in his absence

Indian evangelists’s mother, wife and 11-month-old son were beaten when he was not found at home.

New research shows sexual violence against Christian women is a global calamity

Sexual violence is reported as a primary tactic against women in 84% of countries where religious persecution is widespread.

Map of 286 attacks is proof that Christians and churches are not safe in Europe

In 2019 around 3,000 Christian churches, schools, and cemeteries were vandalised or defaced by criminals in Europe.

Three Christians killed everyday in Nigeria

Statistics show that the persecution of Christians in Nigeria is extreme.

Cruelty to animals gets more media coverage than beheaded Christians

While Christians were murdered in Nigeria, the global media ran a story of a pig being tied up on a bungee-jumping tower

More than 200 Incidents of anti-Christian violence in India so far this year

Based on report of a study of a leading religious freedom advocacy organization