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Teacher saves Catholic school pupils from terror attack in Nigeria

Father Emmanuel Ogwuche saved the lives of his students by switching off all the lights in a Catholic school when armed terrorists attacked the premises on the 7th of May.

When Father Ogwuche heard the gunshots he had to think and act quickly. By switching off all the lights he prevented the terrorists from finding a way into the dorms of the co-educational Catholic Father Angus Frazer Memorial High School. The security guard jumped over the fence. He was chased and injured by the gunmen, but fortunately, he managed to escape. Even though the teachers immediately reported the incident to the police they did not respond quickly enough and the perpetrators disappeared.

The school is now closed, as the students have been traumatised. 

Father Moses Iorapuu, director of social communications at Makurdi Diocese confirmed that the Catholic school has been a target of Fulani militants for a while. The district of Makurdi is infamous for terrorist attacks. The Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need spoke with father Iorapuu who expressed his grief over the vicious atrocities: “There were so many gunshots and they were shooting for a very long time. We were lucky and the Lord was kind to us that no student was hit. This attack was the first of its kind we’ve experienced. They have attacked churchgoers, farmers and villagers before, but now they have upped their game, attacking a school. We are not sure what is going to happen next. This attack happened in the capital of Makurdi State and if there are no security arrangements to protect our schools, then we have to suspend our activities because we don’t know which school will be the next target. We are expecting that there will be a reaction and this attack on the school will finally push the government to act.”

According to Open Doors UK, Nigeria ranks as number 6 on the list of most dangerous countries for Christians. It is also the third highest country in number of attacks on churches and Christian hospitals, schools and cemeteries. 

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