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Going forward, Christian holidays will have more appropriate names in Indonesia

Joko Widodo, through a presidential decree, changed the names of public holidays. Instead of the Islamic name "Isa al Masih", the Christian name "Jesus Christ" will be used.

In February 2024, the outgoing president of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, changed the names of public holidays. The most significant change made by the presidential decree is that from now on, instead of “Isa al Masih,” they will use “Jesus Christ.”

The more appropriate naming will apply to several holidays. Christmas will be referred to as “Day of the birth of Jesus Christ”; Good Friday as “Day of the Death of Jesus Christ”; Easter as “Day of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ”; and the ascension to heaven will change from “Isa al Masih” to “Jesus Christ.”

The topic of changing the names for Christian terms has been up for discussion for almost two years. This change came now, probably because of the elections, where Joko Widodo supports a candidate who emphasises the multicultural elements of Indonesia.

The new naming might be a small change, but it is rather significant and is another step towards religious harmony in the country.

Source: Asia News

Photo: International Maritime Organization

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