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Going forward, Christian holidays will have more appropriate names in Indonesia

The outgoing leader of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, changed the names of public holidays from Islamic names to Christian terms.

Authorities pledge to withdraw permits for Christian schools in Indonesia

Indonesian officials withdraw permissions for Christian schools following Muslim demonstrations

Mob attacks church in Depok, Indonesia

Depok church shifts to online worship after mob attack

Christians in Indonesia face regular prayer disruptions

Padang, where such incidents occur quite often, is ranked third most intolerant city in Indonesia by the Setara Institute.

Persecuted Christian in Indonesia survives terrorist attack

At Palm Sunday in Makassar Cathedral Church, in the Sulawesi Island was a terrorist attack. Valeri survived.

An Indonesian church was repeatedly denied permit to hold worship services

Congregants worshipped for two years before services were suspended due to COVID-19.

Indonesian churches fight to regain worship venues

Indonesia ranked 33rd on the Christian support organization Open Doors’ 2023 World Watch List.

Officials remove seal from church in East Jakarta

The Christian congregation was overjoyed when officials removed the seal from the door of their church building

Muslims protest against Christian Church in Indonesia

100 Muslims protested against Christians using their rented room at a shopping mall