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Nuns against gender-based violence

Indonesian nuns and activists started a movement against the rising number of violent crimes against women and children.

Muslim family disturbs Christian worship in Indonesia

A Muslim local official and his family disrupted a Christian house worship on Java Island

Muslims attack Catholic students in Indonesia

Two female students were injured in the attack

Catholic farmer was granted reprieve by court

The top court in Indonesia granted a reprieve to a Catholic man in his feud with the government.

Muslim extremists attacked Catholic students praying the Rosary

The group of Muslim men threatened the Catholic students for praying the Rosary in Indonesia.

Church aids farmers in Indonesia

As the harsh climate threatens the livelihoods of many farmers, the local church is there to help.

Women and young people are the primary targets of Islamic extremists

The head of Indonesia’s anti-terrorism agency confirmed they are focussing on protecting teenagers and women from radicalization

Going forward, Christian holidays will have more appropriate names in Indonesia

The outgoing leader of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, changed the names of public holidays from Islamic names to Christian terms.

Authorities pledge to withdraw permits for Christian schools in Indonesia

Indonesian officials withdraw permissions for Christian schools following Muslim demonstrations

Mob attacks church in Depok, Indonesia

Depok church shifts to online worship after mob attack