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Husband reported Christian wife to authorities in China

Despite continuous harassment from government agencies that try to prevent religious education for minors, the Lishi Christian Church in China runs a co-operative school assembly for children.

Liu Cui, a dedicated member of the Church, wanted to help tutor six pupils from four different families. She went to the school on the 11th of October, unaware that her husband had reported her to authorities. The husband had objected to Liu’s Christian faith and followed her to the school only to discover that she was teaching Christian values to students. He immediately filed a report to government agencies.

Officials stormed to the church, confiscated Bibles and various supplies and made a note of all parents and pupils who were attending the school. Liu was taken into custody and sentenced to ten days in prison. 

About 100 million Christians live in China, but only 30 million are associated with the government-authorized Three-Self Patriotic Movement – the state church, controlled by the Communist government. Other Christians worship in unapproved house churches. Only a few house church leaders can access theological training or Bible study materials.

The government agreed to allow unregistered churches in China’s “house church” movement ten years ago. However, a new religious directive increased limitations on unregistered churches in February 2018. They closed down hundreds of churches, arrested pastors and church members, and prohibited the online sale of Bibles. If church leaders refuse to join the government-controlled church, they are detained on false charges. It is also illegal to teach religion to anyone younger than 18 years old. 

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