Tag: Anti Christian action

Testimony of a Christian freedom activist, who had been sentenced to death

Mariam Ibraheem shared her ordeal of being sentenced to death for her Christian faith whilst she was pregnant.

Christian leaders charged for their opinions about trans ideology in Mexico

Mexican leaders raised concerns about freedom of speech after being charged for referring to a transgender lawmaker as a man

Canadian Christian pastor flees to Kenya to escape liberal persecution

A pastor has moved to Kenya with his family following threats of punishmentfrom the Canadian government

Christian councillor suspended for tweeting 'Pride is a sin'

A North Northamptonshire Christian councillor was suspended for his religious beliefs

Cross monument removed in a California town after five decades

Christians near San Francisco fight a legal battle to re-install a 28-foot cross that has been removed

Finnish MP who faced prison over Bible verse tweet says she would do it again

Päivi Räsänen, a committed Christian civil servant and grandmother, was put on trial for sharing her beliefs on social media

Oppression continues: police crack down on Nicaraguan Christians

The Vatican calls the most recent police strike on Christians the "worst since the Cold War"

Fraudulent preacher provokes 65 deaths in Kenya

Deceitful fake preacher causes mass deaths

A church has been ransacked in Germany

The police were notified and are looking for witnesses.