Tag: Anti Christian action

Scottish conversion therapy ban risks criminalising prayer and parental guidance

Christian group threatens legal action against Scottish government over conversion therapy proposals

Hundreds of burnt Bibles thrown outside church on Easter Sunday

Police in Tennessee are investigating after a trailer full of Bibles was found burning outside a church

Nicaragua penalizes eleven pastors on 'sham charges' of money laundering

The Nicaraguan judiciary has convicted eleven Nicaraguan pastors linked to the U.S.-based Mountain Gateway ministry

Algerian pastor appeals 'illegal worship' accusations

Christian convert and church leader Youssef Ourahamane was convicted of the crime of illegally worshipping at Emmanuel Church.

Christians could be branded "extremists" by the UK government

Christians are at risk of being branded "extremists" under the government's new definition of extremism published this week

UK Christians express concerns over proposed definition of extremism

The Christian Institute warns that proposed changes to legislation on terrorism and extremism could threaten religious freedom

Jurors in Missouri dismissed based on their Christian beliefs

The Supreme Court won’t consider whether potential jurors can be dismissed based on their religious beliefs

Pastor arrested for controversial remarks in Sri Lanka

An umbrella body of evangelical churches in Sri Lanka has voiced concern over the arrest of pastor Fernando

Church leaders arrested in China

Chinese police detained Christian Church leaders in a raid

Sainsbury's sacked a Christian employee after she refused to work on Sunday

According to a tribunal, a churchgoer was sacked by Sainsbury's after she refused to work every Sunday morning