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Hundreds of burnt Bibles thrown outside church on Easter Sunday

Firefighters and the police responded to a report of trailer fire outside Global Vision Bible Church at 6 a.m. on Easter Sunday. The trailer containing hundreds of Bibles, had been set on fire intentionally.

Pastor Greg Locke had just returned from Israel a day prior to the incident. He is seen as a controversial figure by many, because of his blunt, outspoken nature on current social and political issues. He has been criticised for opposing Covid-19 mask mandates and allegedly spreading misinformation about the pandemic. 

He posted on social media that the security cameras had recorded a man dropping off the trailer and setting it on fire: “There was a lady that had driven through the night to get to our church and she was in the parking lot and was able to get the police officers here quickly, but it was quite the scene to wake up to on my first morning back from Israel. It blocked the entrance to our campus and the fact that it was an entire load of Bibles is rather conclusive proof that is was most assuredly directed at us. It did not, nor will it stop us. It was cleaned up in time for people to drive into the parking lot. We had a full house and a marvellous service.” 

The Wilson County Sheriff’s Office is conducting an investigation. So far, no arrests have been made.

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