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Vandals smeared oil on the entrance of a church in Italy

On the 7th of July, seed oil, which was supposed to be distributed to assisted families by Caritas was found smeared on the entrance of the Purgatoria al Castello church and convent in Carini, near Palermo.


As the Capuchin sisters of the Immaculate Conception of Lourdes left their convent on the morning of the 7th of July via the door of the Purgatorio al Castello church, they noticed that vandals had smeared the entrance of the convent with seed oil, covering the access stairs, the path in front and the facade of the church and the convent and making it dangerously slippery.

The archpriest, Don Giacomo Sgroi, condemned the act for being disrespectful of the medieval church and convent, but also because it wasted oil which was supposed to be distributed to marginalised families by Caritas.  


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