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An army veteran was fined for praying for his son in the UK

ADF UK recently posted a video of two community safety accredited officers in Bournemouth interrogating a veteran who was standing on the street alone, praying in his thoughts.


The officers told Adam Smith-Connor that he was praying inside a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) space, for which he was fined. According to the PSPO, certain activities such as acts of “disapproval” towards the abortion facility in the area are prohibited.

Adam is at least the second person who was fined for praying silently on the street. He told the officers he was praying for his deceased son, which they considered an “act of disapproval.”

Another similar case took place some weeks ago, when a woman was arrested on the same charges. Isabel Vaughan-Spruce said she might have been praying silently near a closed abortion clinic and was therefore arrested and charged by the police. These arrests are breaching the religious freedom, freedom of expression and freedom of thought of citizens.


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