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A vandal drowned a statue of Jesus in the baptismal font of a Polish church

TLast weekend, an unknown perpetrator vandalised and desecrated a church in Western Poland.


The incident took place on Friday morning in the parish church of Our Lady of Fatima. An unknown perpetrator entered the church through an open side door; items inside the temple were vandalized. It is currently being investigated whether any items were stolen, police said.

“Głos Wielkopolski” determined that the perpetrator drowned the figure of Jesus in the baptismal font, knocked over candles, destroyed holy paintings and stained glass windows.

“There appears to be no serious damage. Various objects, such as candlesticks and statues, were knocked over, but they were not destroyed, said the spokesman for the Wielkopolska police, junior insp. Andrzej Borowiak.

There are no surveillance cameras in the church, and there was no direct witness to the incident. 


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