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A Catholic church was smeared with graffiti in a town in Alaska

A Catholic church in Eagle River was vandalized with lewd graffiti this month, marking the second such incident this year, according to the church’s pastor and police.


Just after midnight on Thursday, the Anchorage Police Department responded to reports of vandalism at St. Andrew Catholic Church, a police spokeswoman wrote in an email.

When officers arrived, they found that the exterior of the building as well as a vehicle in the parking lot had been vandalized with spray paint, police said.

Arthur Roraff, the church’s pastor, described the vandalism as “11 phallic symbols” that had been drawn with black paint.

The church is open all hours of the day and night to prayer by parish members, and there was one person parked at the church when the vandalism occurred. That person’s car was also vandalized, Roraff said.


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