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Muslim extremists burned down a house church in Uganda


Muslim extremists burned down a house where a cell fellowship was meeting in eastern Uganda. Arafah Senyange, 28, and his brother, Zulufa Hajati Nakimuli, 43, were beaten with a cane in mid-November in Busembatia town, Bugweri District for converting from Islam to Christianity in October.


The two brothers were studying the Bible under a mango tree outside their father’s home after returning from a Sunday service in Busembatia when one of their brothers, mosque leader Hamuza Lubega, arrived shouting the jihadist slogan, “Allah Akbar [Allah is greater],”

A group of Christians including the pastor of another church passed by in a truck after attending a gathering to mourn the death of a Christian mother in another village, and the Muslim assailants paused.

The attackers told the travelers to leave them alone, “as they were disciplining their family members who had left their family religion of Allah,” Nakimuli said, but the Christians were able to rescue the two brothers.


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