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UK Christians express concerns over proposed definition of extremism

The Christian Institute warns that proposed changes to legislation on terrorism and extremism could threaten religious freedom

A dozen Christians were massacred by Islamic State terrorists in Mozambique

The area has been under attack by Islamist extremists since 2017.

Muslim extremists burned down a house church in Uganda

Muslims make up no more than 12% of Uganda’s population, with high concentrations in eastern areas of the country.

The Atlantic refers to the Rosary as an “extremist tool"

In the meantime, the newspaper omitted to denounce pro-abortion violence on several occasions.

Pastoral office stormed by right-wing extremists in Austria

The perpetrators apparently belong to the right-wing "Identitäre" (Identitarians) group.

Christian families harassed by mob of extremists in India

Adherents of Sarnaism have repeatedly threatened numerous Christian families in India's Jharkhand State.