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Pro-lifers marched through the streets of Vienna

The March for Life was held in Vienna. About 2,000 people took part in it. Media interest was high, and counter-demonstrations were poor, reports the Austrian portal


The March for Life took place in Vienna on Saturday, October 15th. Despite heavy rainfall, demonstrators, including many young people, spoke out loud and with banners to protect human life and the absolute dignity of that life.

Austrian prolifers called for the protection of conceived children, the sick and the old. Bishop Klaus Küng, the bishop of the diocese of Sankt Pölten, was present at the March for Life.

Among the participants were also representatives of politics: a deputy to the National Council, Gudrun Kugler from the ÖVP and the spokesman of the party, Jan Ledochowski.

The participants of the demonstrations indicated that it is worth fighting for the protection of life, as evidence of the legitimacy of these efforts, pointing to the decision of the Constitutional Court in the USA, which rejected the alleged legitimacy of the so-called abortion rights in the US constitution.


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