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A man disturbed a Holy Mass in Vienna Cathedral

The perpetrator is reportedly a Syrian migrant.

The glass door of a church in Vienna was destroyed with a hammer

The motivation of the perpetrator remains unclear.

Statues of Mary and Jesus were decapitated in a Viennese park

The police have been notified and they are conducting investigations to identify the motives and the perpetrators.

Pro-lifers marched through the streets of Vienna

The next March for Life in the Austrian is scheduled for 14 October 2023

A thief stealing from an Austrian church has been arrested

The thief was arrested on the spot and taken to the responsible police station for further inquiries.

Historioc church smeared with graffiti yet again in Vienna

The perpetrators of the act of vandalism remain unknown.

Austria's parliament legalises assisted suicide

The practice would have effectively become unregulated, had there been no legislation

OSCE report shows alarming increase of anti-Christian hate crimes

Most of the crimes remain unreported, unrecorded and unprosecuted, leaving victims without support or redress.

Church vandalised by young man in Austria

The man told the police that the church would belong to him.