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Spanish authorities arrested 11 jihadists recruiting children

"Spanish authorities detained 11 alleged jihadists who tried, inter alia, to recruit children in this country,” the national police (Policia Nacional) reported, as quoted on Sunday by the Voz Populi portal.


According to the website, the detained men considered to be alleged jihadists are probably people associated with the structures of the self-proclaimed Islamic State.

According to police information, most of the detainees resided in Melilla, Spain’s North African enclave. Three of them were related to sending jihadists to fight in Mali.

Investigators confirmed that Islamists tried to radicalize and win over teenagers and even children aged 8-10 as “Allah soldiers” by sending them video footage to their cell phones. These films glorified the jihad.

The Voz Populi website found that the operation to detain the jihadists in Melilla and Andalusia is related to the investigation conducted by the Spanish services in several other regions of the country, including in Aragon.


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