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Church defaced with satanic and anarchistic tags in Zurich, Switzerland

Anti-Christian and satanic tags were found on the main gate of the Sacré-Cœur Church in Zurich on the 17th of September, the same day a march for life took place in the town.

While Mgr Marian Eleganti, former auxiliary bishop of the Diocese of Coire, celebrated Mass in the church as a part of a March for Life event, vandals defaced the church’s main gate with red paint. They penned the word “burn” and the satanic number “666” on the entrance. The Mass itself was not disturbed; however, a counter-protest was organised against the March for Life.

“Two ‘undercover’ counter-protest participants pretended that they wanted to share their testimonies of regretting abortion. However, when they took the stage, one of them stood out in defence of women’s right to abortion. She criticised the popular initiative, “sleep on it”, which would decree a day of reflection before the interruption of pregnancy. The initiative was launched last December by two members of the national council and is still at the stage of collecting signatures.

The “undercover” speaker finally kissed the woman she had arrived with on stage. The organisers escorted the two off the stage,” – reads the Swiss FSSPX newspaper.

Photo: Sacré Coeur Church, Switzerland, source: FSSPX

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