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Indonesian Pastor targeted for his remarks regarding the Quran

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An Indonesian pastor previously jailed for blasphemy is again the target of Jakarta given his recent call on the religious affairs minister to remove 300 verses from the Quran.


Pastor Abraham Ben Moses, a well-known former Muslim apologist, previously known as Ibrahim Saifuddin, is being accused of insulting Islam by Indonesia’s government and top Muslim clerical body. They have demanded police take action against him.

Pastor Abraham was sentenced to four years for religious defamation and a fine equivalent to USD $3,565 in May 2018. He was detained in December 2017, after Indonesia’s second-largest Islamic organization filed a complaint against him for a video that was widely circulated, showing him sharing his faith with a Muslim taxi driver. The organization cited his Internet evangelism as the basis for the blasphemy charges.

Released in April 2019, the pastor again caught himself in controversy after he criticized what is being taught in Islamic schools and mosques’ calls to prayer over loudspeakers.


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