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New UK study reveals alarming rate of coerced abortions

According to a new study out of the UK commissioned by the BBC, 1 in 20 women ages 18-24 have been given abortion pills without their knowledge or consent by men seeking to kill their pre-born children.


According to the survey of 1,000 women ages 18-44, 50% reported having experienced one type of “reproductive coercion” — which includes forcing someone into having an abortion.

This tragic news comes as no surprise to pro-life activists. Abortion is frequently a tool used by men to ensure that women can be sexually available to them without incurring the responsibility of a child.

When women become pregnant with children they do not want, it is common for men to exert some form of pressure — emotional, psychological, or even physical — to convince them to have the babies aborted.

With the pandemic making “at-home” abortions via pill more easily available, men have more opportunity to pressure or force women into abortions.


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