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Study reveals that more than half of British Christians experience hostility

These concerning statistics align with OIDAC Europe's observations of increasing pressure on Christians.

Four in ten Christian Brits prefer not to tell people about their faith

In contrast, only 29% of Muslim participants expressed the same reluctance.

Studies show a revival of faith in the UK

45% of Gen Z respondents showed a willingness to change their religious beliefs, in contrast to just 22% of those over 65.

New UK study reveals alarming rate of coerced abortions

1 in 20 women ages 18-24 have been given abortion pills without their knowledge or consent in the UK.

Majority of US voters support teaching traditional Western values in schools

The findings of the poll come amid renewed debate over whether public schools should teach ideas like "critical race theory".

Only one third of Americans identify as Christian, survey shows

The percentage of Americans possessing a biblical worldview also declines significantly.

U.S. Catholics are more aware of Christian persecution than a year ago

ACN made a survey among American Catholics, showing that awareness of Christian persecution sees a major jump since a year ago.

New study reveals that young people crave spiritual mentoring

Over ninety per cent of those who have five or more adult mentors say their life has meaning and purpose.

Survey shows that belief in God rises among Gen Z amid COVID-19 pandemic

YouGov also found in another survey that 56% of Britons continue to regard the UK as a Christian country. 

Six out of ten Americans reject the idea that "human life is sacred"

Among respondents, only 39 percent said they agreed with the statement: “human life is sacred.”