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Two Sudanese churches are being illegally occupied

In Sudan, in the region of the Nuba Mountains, hostile men break into churches and declare themselves their legal representatives. No appeal is possible.


On the 27th of December, in White Nile State, southern Sudan, men broke into the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in the town of Kosti. The intruders changed all the locks so that the parishioners no longer had access to the building.When church officials filed a complaint at the police station, the police refused to register the complaint. They view the current occupants of the building as the legal representatives of the church.

At the same time, in Kadugli in the state of Kordofan, still in the south of the country, the same incident occurred. Men took over the church and then tried to sell the building. The pastor opposed it and the intruders then filed a complaint against him: he is now the subject of criminal proceedings.

Christians expected a lot from the 2019 revolution which deposed President Al Bashir in favor of a transitional government. But the changes are slow and those who denounce the injustices encounter hostility. With the military coup of the 2gth of October 2021, the general situation in the country is deteriorating.


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