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The US retreat from Vietnam was followed by a tragedy for local Christians

Contrarily to what hippies and left-wing ideologues believed, the defeat of the US in 1975 in Vietnam was did not bring peace this Asian country. Once the American troops left, the tragedy of local Christians continued.


From those who in the 1960s and 1970s protested against the American armed presence in Vietnam, protested against the communist persecution which after 1976 resulted in nearly 200,000 boat people dying in an attempt to escape from the “homeland liberated from the American invader”?

How many rallies have there been on US campuses and on the streets of Paris to condemn the hundreds of people for their faith? Which of the mass media publicised the case of Cardinal Van Thuan, imprisoned for 13 years in a Vietnamese “re-education camp” and then sentenced to exile?

Who wrote a protest song about the persecution of the 23 founders of the Vietnamese Congregation of Our Lady Co-redemptrix, who in 1987 were sentenced on charges of “socialist propaganda and terrorism” to long prison terms?

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