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Thirteen killed in Al-Shabaab bus bombing


Thirteen passengers died and many others got injured in northeastern Kenya after their bus ran over an improvised explosive device.

A survivor said that the attackers, suspected to be Al-Shabaab militants, fired gunshots at the vehicle just before it drove over the bomb which had been planted on the road.

According to police, “The 7:00 a.m. attack happened about eight km from Mandera town when the passenger vehicle stepped on a concealed roadside bomb that detonated and blew the 18-seater coach apart. Then the group of around six terrorists followed up with gun attacks. Our patrol team responded immediately and [was] able to stop any further killings.”

The victims have not been identified, and those injured were taken to Mandera County hospital.

The Arabia-Mandera road, where the attack occurred, runs closely adjacent to the porous Kenya-Somalia border. This is often the site where al-Qaeda-allied al-Shabaab militants sneak into the country to carry out attacks on Christians and government officials. ICC’s partner in Mandera condemned the attack, calling on the government to reinstate passenger vehicle escorts in the county of Mandera.

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