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A clinic course calls the Bible and Christianity “racist”

Holy Bible

As reported by Daily Mail on 23. January, a leading mental health clinic in London, Portman Clinic, told a student therapist during a training course that Christianity is a racist religion and that the Bible can be considered racists because it makes a contrast between "darkness" and "light".


Amy Gallagher is a 33-year-old nurse, who is preparing to take legal action against this clinic. She will sue the clinic for discrimination against her as a Christian and a white person, and also due to the distress caused through this experience. A crowdfunding campaign has been started to support her on her legal challenge.

Amy Gallagher, a Christian mental health nurse from South London, is preparing legal action against the Portman Clinic, which is part of the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust.

She says she was told to watch an online lecture called “Whiteness – A Problem for Our Time”, where it was stated that Christianity was part of the European oppression of black people. The lecture also claimed that all white people were unconsciously racist. 

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