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Relics of St. John Paul II have been stolen from a French church

A relic of St. John Paul II, which was located in the chapel of St. Blaise. The parish priest is concerned that the relic may be used for occult or satanic practices.


“It was a piece of material with the blood of John Paul II preserved from the attack of the 13th of May 1981, which was given to us by the Archbishop of Krakow, Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz in 2016,” explained Fr. Lagrange, the pastor of this parish, made famous by the apparitions of Jesus, St. Margaret Maria Alacoque at the end of the 17th century. “I am indignant and deeply saddened, as are all parishioners and people associated with the shrine,” said the pastor.

The last time the relic was seen was Friday night. Only on Sunday afternoon, one of the faithful realized that she was not there. “The thieves acted in a rather meticulous manner, looting nothing, just crossing the barrier and lifting the glass ball to take the reliquary, even though it was sealed,” explained Fr. Lagrange. When it was discovered that the theft had taken place, the relevant services were notified, which obtained the fingerprints of the perpetrators of the theft.

The parish priest points out that the most disturbing thing for the parish community is that it is not known what the thieves did with the relic. “It was in a brass reliquary without much value, so in fact the relic itself was valuable… The perpetrators of the theft may sell it abroad, but we are afraid, above all, that it could be used for occult or even satanic practices,” says the parish priest in Paray- le-Monial.

Fr. Lagrange couldn’t help but reflect on a mysterious coincidence with other chalice and host thefts that occurred in other churches that same weekend. Are these actions related to each other? At Paray-le-Monial, as elsewhere, a complaint has been filed and the ongoing investigation may provide valuable answers about the perpetrators and their identity.

The parish priest also draws attention to the analogies with the wave of profanation of French churches in recent days. In several churches stolen, including hosts. The clergyman wonders if these acts are related?


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