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Repeated cases of theft reported in a Belgium cemetery

The local police admits its helplessness.

A group of Jamaicans charged for $600,000 church robbery

The police seized the car and recovered the stolen items.

A Brooklyn pastor was robbed of numerous jewelry

The stolen jewelry has yet to be found.

Three armed and masked individuals robbed the presbytery of a church in France

In January, two other religious buildings were broken into and desecrated in the Seine-Saint-Denis department.

A thief stealing from an Austrian church has been arrested

The thief was arrested on the spot and taken to the responsible police station for further inquiries.

Several thefts of sacred objects observed in Tuscany

The series of thefts in Tuscany has been ongoing for the past few weeks.

A German church was targeted by burglars

There have been several similar attacks in the past weeks in Germany

A cross has been stolen from a German church

The suspect has already been caught for similar offenses.

A serial church thief has been caught in Italy

The culprit was being helped by his wife in these disgraceful acts.

Church burglar arrested in Poland

Vandalism and burglary targeting churches have been on the rise in Poland for the last decade.