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American restaurant cancels pro-life group’s reservation

When Busboys and Poets learned that a “March for Life Breakfast” was scheduled, they notified the group that it was not welcome at the restaurant, Aleteia reports.

AWashington, DC, restaurant has cancelled a pro-life group’s reservation for a “March for Life Breakfast,” according to a report by the National Catholic Register.

A spokesperson for Bus Boys and Poets, located on K Street, told CNA that the reservation was cancelled because of the bookstore-restaurant chain’s pro-abortion views.

“When our team learned the fundraising nature of the event in question, the decision was made to cancel it and refund all deposits to the event organizer,” she told CNA.

The chain “stands firmly on the belief that women have the right to make their own reproductive health decisions,” she said.

“While we welcome conversations from individuals expressing different viewpoints and pride ourselves on being a venue for respectful conversations between diverse groups, we are also a safe space,” she continued. 

“As such, we cannot knowingly accept events designed to fund an agenda which our community members believe to be trampling on the rights of others.” 

Democrats for Life of America (DFLA) had scheduled the event for the January 21 March for Life. They were notified on January 11 that the event was canceled.

Kristen Day, executive director of DFLA, said, in a press release that they understood that some guests had contacted Busboys and Poets about the nature of the event.

“Clearly, Busboys and Poets caved to pressure instead of abiding by the contract we signed,” she said.

Pro-life Americans should absolutely care about this cancellation, regardless of their political party,” she told CNA. “Abortion is a human rights issue that can’t be confined to one political party. We need bipartisan support and bipartisan efforts from conservatives, liberals, and everyone in between.”

“Americans as a whole should care about this cancellation as well,” she continued. “We as Americans want a country that’s rooted in inclusivity and diversity. Inclusivity and diversity cannot be achieved if we shun and shut out individuals or groups because of political backgrounds, beliefs, and ideals,” she added.

On social media, many posted about the irony of excluding the pro-life group while claiming to provide a “safe space.”


Photo source: Busboys and Poets Facebook cover photo

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