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Polish priest hit in the face by drunken teenager


The police in the town of Łęczna (South-Eastern Poland) detained an 18-year-old boy who was drinking alcohol in a local parish on Wednesday evening. He mauled the local parish priest and tried to destroy the parish door.


The incident took place last Wednesday, after 10 p.m. in the square by the church of St. Barbara in Łęczna in the Archdiocese of Lublin. One of the nuns serving in the parish noticed that there was a man near the church who was behaving loudly and drinking alcohol, which she informed the local parish priest about.

“When the clergyman advised him not to drink alcohol in the parish, he began to tug and hit him in the face. In addition, he threatened the priest with death. A moment later, the priest hid in one of the parish rooms of the presbytery. He did not suffer serious injuries,” the nun told the media.

The aggressive man was still kicking at the door behind which the clergyman was hiding, but he gave up after an unsuccessful attempt to break in and left. A few minutes after that incident, the police noticed an 18-year-old walking down the street, he had an important amount of alcohol in his blood.

Less than two weeks ago, the same hooligan was arrested because he broke the windows of the sacristy in the parish of St. Mary Magdalene.


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