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Christian students beaten and ordered to remove Christian symbols in Egypt

Coptic students at an elementary and middle school in Egypt’s Minya Governorate were beaten up by teachers and fellow students after the headmaster ordered all Christian students to remove any jewelry bearing a cross.


Believers in the Coptic community in Egypt often tattoo a cross on their wrist or wear necklaces or bracelets with a cross, but the headmaster of Al-Thawra school in Ezbat Beshri area ordered all Christian students to remove any such jewelry, according to the U.S.-based persecution watchdog International Christian Concern.

Citing one such incident in early November, ICC said a female teacher attacked a male Christian student, then encouraged other students to do the same and take his cross pendant and destroy it.

When Coptic parents learned about the order and the subsequent violence carried out against their children, they complained to education authorities. However, ICC said it’s unclear if the educational board took any action.


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