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Christians accused of proselytizing were arrested in Libya

These arrests are just another series of arrests related to Libyan Christians under accusation of “apostasy”.

A Coptic Christian has been shot over 20 times in Egypt

A second person, Sherif Rashad, sustained a gunshot wound and was transferred to a hospital in Alexandria.

Algerian authorities continue to arrest Christians while churches remain closed

Algeria is on the US Special Watch List for countries that have engaged in or tolerated “severe violations of religious freedom"

Christian students beaten and ordered to remove Christian symbols in Egypt

When some Coptic students refused to remove their jewelry, they were beaten up by fellow students and their teachers.

Tristan Azbej: "We aim to prevent migration and save lives"

The Hungary Helps Program supports local communities with seven humanitarian projects.

Middle East: The audience of a Christian channel grows during the pandemic

The SAT-7 Christian TV channel was watched seven times more during the coronavirus lockdown than before.

Algeria maintains church closures

Algeria’s administrative court has rejected a request from the Spring of Life Church in Makouda to cancel the closure order.

How do ex-Muslim Christians bring up their children?

Bringing up their children in an Islamic environment is a big challenge for Christian parents.