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Notre Dame Cathedral to be transformed into an “LGBT research center”?

Following the publication of a report on pedophilic crime in the French Church in the past seventy years, more and more outrageous ideas and proposals are emerging from the anti-clerical left. She wants to use the Church's self-cleaning report for her own purposes.


A proposal was made on the Mediapart portal to transform the rebuilt Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris into a “feminist, queer, trance and anti-racist center for reception and research.

Spanish writer and philosopher (and “trans activist”) Paul B. Preciado presented an article on Tuesday 12th October in which he elaborated on a proposal to desecrate the Paris cathedral. He wants the state to take Notre-Dame from Church use and hand over the building to “a reception center and feminist, queer, trans and anti-racist research and the fight against sexual violence.”

He claims that such a proposal is not “blasphemy” but “revolution”. It turns out to be the same, and the relationship between one and the other is historically confirmed.


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