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Christian preacher to file lawsuit against police after claims of “hate speech”

After a court refused to admit a “hate speech” case against her, a Christian street preacher in the United Kingdom says she's suing the police for arresting her on the false accusation that she threatened to stab gays and non-believers while she was preaching outside a tube station.


A judge ruled this week that there was no case to answer as the words of Hazel Lewis, a 49-year-old preacher who was arrested under the Public Order Act while preaching outside Finsbury Park tube station in North London last February, had not been threatening or abusive, The Telegraph reported.

Lewis said she is now planning to sue the Metropolitan Police. “I am delighted that the judge has seen through the lies and has vindicated me,” she was quoted as saying.

During her trial at Highbury Magistrates Court last month, Officer Stuart Day said that a video recording played before the court showed that one of her accusers “very much sounds like he is trying to goad her into commenting on his sexuality. She does not, however, take the bait.”

The accusation against the preacher included that she had made a child cry and used threatening language as she told one of the accusing men, “You are an advocate of Satan and I rebuke you in Jesus’ name,” according to Christian Today, which added that she told listeners that they should be more concerned with knife crime in their neighborhood than her peaceful preaching from the Bible.


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