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Fulani attacked christian orphanage in Nigeria

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A Christian orphanage in Plateau State, Nigeria, was attacked and destroyed on the 2nd of August, by men reported to be jihadist Fulani.


The orphanage housed 147 children, all of whom were able to safely evacuate the home prior to the attack.

“The attackers came when the place was becoming dark around 7 p.m.,” a neighbourhood watchman told the Epoch Times. “The Fulani got support from the Nigerian army. They were escorted by the army on three army vans. We saw them from afar coming in numbers,” the watchman said. “The soldiers did not help us. They allowed Fulani to burn down our houses.”

The orphanage is now “uninhabitable and the children remain dispersed,” according to the Religious Freedom Coalition.

“As Fulani herdsmen advance in the Miago and Jos areas they destroyed five hundred homes, five churches and killed sixty-eight Christians,” said the news source. “Many were wounded. Nigerian law prohibits anyone from owning a firearm in Nigeria, but oddly the Fulani had weapons exactly like those of the army.”


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