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The number of the latest jihadist attacks worsens

At least 70 soldiers have been killed in four days in two different clashes with jihadist groups in northern Burkina Faso.

The bloodiest clash dates back to February 17 when at least 51 soldiers were killed in an ambush between Déou and Oursi, near the borders with Mali and Niger. The soldiers, who had just been replaced after several months on the front lines, were attacked as they returned to their base in Dori.

According to a Burkina Faso Defense source, at least 15 other soldiers were killed on February 20 when the Tin-Akoff detachment in the north, near the border with Mali “suffered a violent attack”. Other sources speak of an even more serious toll with 19 dead and dozens missing.

Civilian victims are added to the victims in the military. The latest assault on a town in the north of the country dates back to February 13, when several dozen men on motorbikes attacked the town of Sanakadougou, in the province of Kossi. At least 12 people died and six were injured. Almost the entire town was burned down, forcing its inhabitants to abandon it without being able to take anything with them.

Source: Agencia Fides

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