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Myanmar military attacked a churtch, four people died

Four people were killed today, on the 24th of May, when the Burmese military attacked a Catholic church in eastern Myanmar. This event is another in a string of attacks on Christians and churches that have occurred since the military coup of the 1st of February.


According to International Christian Concern, the church compound was sheltering more than 300 people who were displaced due to intensified fighting between the military and an anti-coup resistance group called the People’s Defense Force (PDF) over the weekend. The military carried out the attack around 1 am at the Sacred Heart Church near Loikaw, the capital city of Kayah state.

The Ministry of International Cooperation of the National Unity Government of Myanmar recently released a statement describing how military forces fired a heavy artillery shell at the Catholic church, where elderly people and children were hiding after fleeing their homes following earlier attacks on their village this weekend. The roof, ceiling and cross of the church were damaged, and four people were injured in addition to the four who were killed.

Source: International Christian Concern

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