Tag: Civil War

Catholic church burned, religious people kidnapped in Cameroon

In a statement, bishops said that the Catholic church has increasingly been targeted by attackers.

Freedom of religion under threat in Ukraine amid Russian invasion

The situation in Crimea is an example of the hostile treatment by Russian authorities against religious minorities.

Catholic charity has sent nearly $50M to aid Syrians since start of civil war

The charity has built a soup kitchen and a social market in Syria while also building two COVID-19 testing center.

Myanmar military attacked a churtch, four people died

This event is another in a string of attacks on Christians and churches that have occurred since the military coup.

Twenty-five Salesian missionaries trapped in the war in Ethiopia

Twenty-five Salesian missionaries are blocked without communication in the Tigray region of Ethiopia.

Kurdish Christian villages in Iraq are abandoned

Since the beginning of 2020, about five Christian villages have been abandoned, because of the Turkish bombardment. 

The suffering of Christian minorities in Myanmar: victims in civil conflicts

In many areas of Myanmar, Christians pay a high price for civil conflicts.

Saudi led coalition announces Yemen ceasefire

It is still uncertain whether Houthi forces will be part of the ceasefire.

Over a hundred church attacks in Syria since start of civil war

"The Syrian regime has always invoked good slogans, but on the ground it has done the opposite," said SNHR chairman