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Christian animated series breaks $1M crowdfunding record

The bestselling Wingfeather Saga children’s book series is becoming an animated TV show andhas just broken a record previously set by “The Chosen” for being the fastest crowdfunded TV show to surpass $1 million at Angel Studios.


Organisers are raising funds from individual investors to bring this Christian series to life. The “The Wingfeather Saga” has also become the second-highest crowdfunded animated kids and family TV show worldwide. 

Following in the footsteps of “The Chosen” — the record-breaking first multi-season series about Jesus — “The Wingfeather Saga” is offering fans the opportunity to invest in the family-friendly animated series. 

After having surpassed their minimum goal of $1 million, they are now seeking to raise $5 million in 28 days to fully fund the first season. “The Wingfeather Saga” is based on the bestselling novels by Andrew Peterson that feature “redemptive fantasy, deep magic, loveable characters, family values, and a whimsical sense of humor,” the series description reads.

Wall, the showrunner, and his team have enlisted veteran artists from studios such as Pixar, DreamWorks Animation, Disney, Blue Sky and Nickelodeon to help bring the visuals to the screen. The innovative “hand-painted” CGI animation rendering technique can be seen in the successful crowd-funded pilot episode.

“We have always hoped for a way to share in the creation of this animated series, and when the partnership with Angel Studios came up, it just felt like exactly the right fit,” Wall told The Christian Post. 


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