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Amazon withdraws books critical of LGBT and gender ideology

The American online sales giant - - has decided to withdraw books criticising LGBT and gender ideology from its offer. According to the representatives of the website, the withdrawn publications were supposed to be "offensive" and "violated the regulations of the Amazon website."


The world’s largest online sales website decided to withdraw from its offer, two books that critically treated the assumptions of LGBT ideology and the influence of gender ideology on children and adolescents.

According to, it is a book by Maria Keffler, entitled: “Desist, Detrans, & Detox: Getting Your Child Out of the Gender Cult”. As the author assures, the publication is a kind of “guide” for parents who do not want to perceive “gender identity” in the form imposed by the followers of gender ideology.

Keffler points out that parents in the USA are now exposed to promoting content consistent with the gender ideology, which may affect the subsequent upbringing of their children.

Amazon stated that their content “is considered offensive”. Unfortunately, the spokesman of the website did not decide to comment on the matter.


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