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Spanish communists praise Stalin and Lenin at a far-left rally in Madrid

As in previous years, a march of supporters and followers of communism was organised in Madrid, which praised this totalitarian system as a synonym of "democracy and progress."


The daily newspaper Ok Diario described the demonstration as follows: “Fighters of the Spanish Communist Party organised a demonstration in Madrid on Wednesday to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the proclamation of the Second Republic, which eventually became an exaltation of the bloodiest era in communism. Huge portraits of the genociders Lenin and Stalin were also carried along during the march. The demonstration took place in Gran Vía, near the very centre of the capital, and went off without incident. The flags of the USSR and the Second Republic were also displayed. Some slogans recalled the past, such as “We swear that we will still win!”

One of the representatives of the Communist Party of Spain in the government,Yolanda Díaz, who is also  the third deputy prime minister of Spain and minister of labour, recently repeated in an  interview for “El Diario”: “Communism is precisely exactly democracy and equality!”.


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