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Praying the rosary banned in Madrid during anti-government protest

The Christian lawyer's assassination 'Abogados Cristianos' announced that they will defend those who are arrested free of charge.

Vandals damaged the oldest church of Madrid

Unknown vandals graffitied satanist signs on the walls of the hermitage of Santa María La Antigua of Carabanchel.

The Spanish trans-revolution threatens to fill children with hormones

The cultural revolution in Spain is speeding up at a frightening pace.

Spanish communists praise Stalin and Lenin at a far-left rally in Madrid

While conservative politicians are being physically attacked in Spain, communists march praising Soviet mass murderers.

Leftist radicals attacked a group of conservative politicians in Madrid

Thirteen people were injured, including a deputy and a policeman. Bricks, stones and urine vials rained down on the conservatives.

The business of aborted baby parts is thriving in Spain

In 2019, the number of children killed in abortion clinics was 97,398.

Children that were nearly aborted have been baptised in Spain

Last month, Cardinal Carlos Osoro, the Archbishop of Madrid baptised fourteen children, whose mothers considered abortion.

Spanish Socialist government withholds aid for Catholic schools

"This is an ideological decision and clear discrimination," complains Bishop Gil Tamayo of Avila.