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Poland celebrates the National Day of Remembrance of the ‘Cursed Soldiers’

The 1st of March is the National Day of Remembrance of the 'Cursed Soldiers.' It is a celebration of those who, after 1944, did not agree that communist power granted by Moscow would rule Poland.


In the act passed by the Polish parliament in 2011. it was written that this festival is a tribute “to the heroes of the anti-communist underground, who, in defence of the independent existence of the Polish State, fighting for the right to self-determination and the implementation of the democratic aspirations of Polish society, by taking up arms, and in other ways, opposed Soviet aggression imposed by the force of the communist regime”.

The 1st of March refers to the events of 1951, when the members of the 4th Board of the Freedom and Independence Association were executed in the Mokotów prison – Łukasz Ciepliński, Mieczysław Kawalec, Józef Batory, Adam Lazarowicz, Franciszek Błażej, Karol Chmiel and Józef Rzepka.

Historians estimate that up to 180,000 people were involved in the activities of the post-war underground, and over twenty thousand fought with weapons in their hands. The ‘Cursed Soldiers’ died in clashes with units of the NKVD and the Security Office. They were tortured and murdered in secret police offices and buried in nameless graves. 


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