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China fines Christian man for celebrating Christmas with friends

Christian Headlines reports that a Christian man in a Chinese village was fined nearly $25,000 this month after a government body found him guilty of hosting an unauthorised Christmas celebration in violation of multiple anti-religion laws.


Niu Guobao, a Christian man who lives in Huang Zhang Liang village in the province of Henan, hosted more than forty  Christians, including twenty children, for his Christmas event in celebration of the birth of the Christ Child. They prayed and sang hymns. Soon, though, police raided the gathering. 

Riot police in Beijing prevented Christians from entering Catholic and Protestant churches, placing signs on the doors reading: “Due to the pandemic, all religious activities have been halted.”

Police in Fujian province stopped Christians from singing Christmas songs in a shopping mall, even though the believers had been invited to perform. Chinese schools even told children that “Christmas should not be celebrated, and gifts should not be exchanged,” Bitter Winter reports.

Ironically, the Chinese government profits financially from the worldwide celebration of Christmas; eighty per cent of Christmas ornaments in the U.S. and Europe are made in China. 


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