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Iranian Christian arrested for the third time by “morality police”

International Christian Concern (ICC) reports that Mary Mohammadi, an Iranian Christian convert and human rights activist, was arrested again on the 18th of January. Mohammadi has been in and out of prison for her identity as a Christian and outspoken activist.


More recently, she was arrested by the “morality police”, claiming that she improperly wore her hijab, her pants were too tight and her coat was unbuttoned. Iranian officials previously charged her with the same accusations.

She spent six months in jail for being a member of a local house church, and also spent time in prison in April 2020 after participating in a peaceful protest.

According to Mohammadi, it is clear that her employers receive pressure from intelligence officials not to take her back. Her life has now been interrupted several times for her identity as a Christian. The Iranian government does not allow her to return to her normal life, even after serving her undeserved prison sentences.

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