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Ontario police crack down on in-person worship at several churches

Multiple churches will be challenging the legality of Ontario’s measures aimed at curbing the spread of the coronavirus, amid police actions halting in-person worship services.


The Calgary, Alberta-based Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms announced on Monday that they were taking on multiple challenges to the Reopening Ontario Act, which only allows churches to have an attendance of ten people indoors and ten people outdoors. These include Old Colony Mennonite Church and Word of Life Mennonite community, both of which were charged by police for holding services in violation of the Act.

According to the Centre, at least one of the services involved police giving a brief warning and then entering the building, demanding that they end their worship immediately.

The Centre will also represent Trumpet of Truth Church of Woodstock, whose pastor was served with a summons following a service on the 27th of December, where police videotaped worshipers.


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