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Bring joy to persecuted children at Christmas

At Christmas time, we all try to be a little more charitable. Frequently, we desire to give a gift, not just to our loved ones, but to those in need. Should you decide to help children in need this year, and in so doing make their Christmas happier, here are some worthy options that you can choose from. All the charities listed are organisations known around the globe, so you can be sure that your contribution will be put to good use.

Daniela and Sebastian are two children, living in Colombia, who have recently lost their father. He was a pastor and was killed by a drug cartel for sharing the love of Christ. Open Doors is raising money to help these orphans, but you can also donate to other Christian orphans, or children whose parents are in danger.

Fifty dollars could provide Christmas presents for children whose parents were martyred for following Jesus. One hundred dollars would supply Bibles for a Sunday school class. Two hundred  dollars will provide accommodation and education for the child of a persecuted church leader. If you want to help the lives of these children, you can donate here.

If you cannot afford to help with money, you can write an encouraging message to Daniela and Sebastian, who are going through a difficult time. This is going to be their first Christmas without their father. You can write and send your letter on this page.

Besides Open Doors, other Christian organisations also raise money for persecuted Christians. International Christian Concern is raising money to restore Hope Houses in Egypt, where Christian children, who are discriminated against because of their faith, have access to regular educational, medical, and spiritual care. Additionally, if you donate to ICC, you will be regularly informed about the situation of these children. You can donate for this purpose here.

If you want to help Christian children in Syria, you can do so.  Aid to the Church in Need is raising money to provide anoraks for children in Syria. The organisation wants to provide 25,000 garments.

“We want to give anoraks in this cold winter that is approaching, not only to keep our children warm but at the same time to give a boost to the local economy by helping our small local factories through the production of these garments,” they write on their page.

You can support this initiative by clicking here.


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