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Christian woman killed in Pakistan for refusing marriage proposal

A twenty-four-year-old Christian woman was shot dead in Pakistan, after refusing to marry a Muslim man and convert to Islam.


On the 11th of November, Sonia, a resident of Fazaia Colony in Rawalpindi, was shot and killed in public by Muhammad Shehzad and Faizan, two Muslim men. Sonia was reportedly confronted and killed while she was on her way to work at a garment factory.

According to Sonia’s family, Shehzad had been harassing Sonia for the last six months and had tried to force a physical relationship with her. Sonia refused these advances due to the difference in faith backgrounds.

Eventually, Shehzad proposed that Sonia should marry him and convert to Islam. Shehzad’s mother was even sent to Sonia’s family home in an attempt to negotiate an arranged marriage. Sonia’s family also refused the marriage.


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